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JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR captured the German Alternative Charts as well as the MRC30 Metal/Rock DJ Charts and also the international Metal press for sure:

Metal Hammer 5.5/7 (DE): The riffs are hot as hell, the heavy beat gives the steed of the grim reaper a good spur, and the voice sounds like a burp from hell. – In short: The Stockholm Trio’s third album fires from all the gun barrels of the grooving underworld. “Lücifer” sounds neither elegant nor perfect, but rather like an eruptive thought, which quickly disappears, but burn in painfully.

Deaf Forever 8.5/10 (DE): With a lot of fuzz under the hood, minimalistic drums and the unmistakable Sunlight sound the Swedes present ten brute Death’n’Roll clubs in pure culture. With “Lücifer” the Swedes have succeeded in a significant increase. Snyggt jobbat!

PowerPlay UK 9/10 (UK): JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR have a unique style and by God, they’re doing what they do well. “Lücifer” is a raging hormone of an album, with slick time signature changes, polished musical ability and a massive dose of fuck you attitude. It’s an absolute winner.

Legacy (DE): “Lücifer” is a vicious, incredibly ass-kicking album with big balls, that merges its various musical influences from dirty Heavy Rock, Doom, Stoner and old school Death Metal into a unique diabolical brew.

RPMOnline (UK): For fans of Motörhead, Entombed, and Chrome Division, and just about anyone who likes their music as badass as Beelzebub, and their many guitars chugged like their many beers. It’s Death Race 2019 and this is the soundtrack. Buy it and play it like you stole it. (USA): Like in a previous album, the sound here is ostentatiously dirty and raw. With this, it’s very qualitative, all instruments can be heard great and you can easily pick up any of them any time. […] British webzine wrote “In a world without Lemmy JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR are exactly what you need”. Quite controversial statement, even if throw off the aureole of hero, martyr and god from Lemmy. And I really guess these guys don’t care that somebody compares them to someone. They just do their business – the play Rock ’n’ Roll. And god dammit, they’re doing it good. What Jesus Chrüsler Supercar unleashes on their already third album makes fun, rolls tremendously and is able to make even the stiffest hip swing. […] unbelievable catchiness and brutality […] It really grooves and is simply unbridled fun to listen to. Sorry, but if one doesn’t tap his feet automatically, one either doesn’t have any or simply doesn’t understand thrilling music!

Metal Eyes (IT): Nella sua totale ed irrefrenabile follia, “Lücifer” mantiene una qualità elevatissima facendo dei JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR una delle realtà più interessanti di un genere che, spinto al limite e valorizzato da brani esagerati come “Flesh’n’Bones”, “Boogeyman” e la coppia da oscar “Out Of My Head/From Death To Dawn”, a livello di potenza distruttiva non è secondo a nessuno.

Confermando totalmente le aspettative, “Lücifer” si candida come album dell’anno per quanto riguarda queste sonorità, resta solo la curiosità di vedere cosa di cosa siano capaci i JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR in sede live, assieme al timore di non uscire vivi da cotanta Rough drumming, guitars that directly kick ass and a really good, impetuous piece of music. (USA): So definitely give Jesus Chrüsler Supercar a listen, the down ’n’ dirty Death ’n’ Roll as the band calls it, is infectious. This is another new release by band that is basically all killer, no filler.

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