JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR invite today with their new album “Lücifer” and its eleven malicious psalms to the infernal Death ’n’ Roll Mass

From now on all hell breaks loose on the dusty asphalt of the Rock ’n’ Roll Highway. JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR unleash their brand new Death ’n’ Roll masterpiece “Lücifer” through Dr. Music Records and fire eleven wild salvos from the roaring exhaust of their infernal machine! The Stockholm pack, led by their axe-swinging frontman Robban Bergeskans and consisting of drum machine Nicke Forsberg, former Refused guitarist Pär Jaktholm as well as guitar player Tobbe Engdahl, have managed to produce a malicious, fierce album that merges its various musical influences from dirty Heavy Rock, Doom, Stoner and old school Death Metal into a unique diabolical brew. Get ready for the hottest mixture that the European scene has to offer at the moment and not without reason bears the clear title “Lücifer”. The musical hell ride was once again produced in the legendary Sunlight Studio where Nickes brother Fred Forsberg from the Fvck Life Studios (Mass Worship, Anchor, Gust) supported Tomas Skogsberg (Entombed, The Hellacopters, Amorphis) on the mix. The mastering has been done by Brad Boatright from Audiosiege (Converge, C.O.C., Black Tusk).

The brand new album “Lücifer”, whose devilish artwork was designed by Joshua Michael Wilkinson, is now available as a digisleeve CD, as 180 g gatefold vinyl edition or digitally at one of the following record dealers. Take a seat in the back of the Death ’n’ Roll supercar and turn your amp to eleven:
► EMP:ücifer_emp
► Nuclear Blast:ücifer_nuclearblast
► Napalm Records:ücifer_napalmrecords
► Green Hell:ücifer_greenhell
► Amazon:ücifer_amazon
► Saturn:ücifer_saturn
► Media Markt:ücifer_mediamarkt
► Weltbild:ücifer_weltbild
► Grooves:ücifer_grooves
► ExLibris:ücifer_exlibris
► WOM:ücifer_wom
► JPC:ücifer_jpc
► CeDe:ücifer_cede
► Flight 13:ücifer_flight13
► Plastic Head:ücifer_phm
► Season Of Mist:ücifer_seasonofmist
► Fnac:ücifer_fnac
► AudioGlobe:ücifer_audioglobe
► Sound Pollution:ücifer_soundpollution
► Bengans:ücifer_bengans
► Ginza:ücifer_ginza
► CDON:ücifer_cdon
► Shiny Beast:ücifer_shinybeast
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In October JESUS CHRÜSLER SUPERCAR are going to continue their American road cruiser’s journey over the local graveyards and will go for the first time on tour with the new songs for almost three weeks. The confirmed dates of the ‘Lücifer Over Europe’ tour presented by SLAM and Legacy. See upcoming tour